Featuring my first pair of sneakers, thanks to Brandon!

GLASSES c/o SunglassSpot
TOP c/o Marina Layers
JACKET Urban Outfitters

I've been switching my heels/booties for these Superstars since I've gotten them for Christmas, and I've been addicted since. I've been loving casual looks lately; they're so convenient and comfortable. 

I was online shopping the other day (and by shopping, I mean putting everything in the cart and closing the tab while crying), and I started to think about how I would describe my style. I couldn't really pinpoint the exact style that defined me. My style and preferences change so quickly that it's almost impossible for me to stick to a trend and follow it. It's changed so much over the last year from attempted elegance to edgy to boho to more of a sporty casual look. I don't have a theme to how I dress myself, which can be annoying or inconvenient to people who follow me for a certain style. But is that so bad? I love being able to become a different person with a seemingly different personality everyday. I like to become a different character with each outfit. I think one thing that can be taken from my discord of style trends is that I don't like to be figured out. That'd be no fun at all.

Photography: Brandon Lee Davis


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