New term, new plans. Reality is sinking in.

DRESS c/o Tobi
BODYSUIT Charlotte Russe
BELT Charlotte Russe
SHORTS Forever 21
HEELS Charlotte Russe

It's bizarre to think about the fact that I'll be graduating this July. I've been in school pretty much all my life with a plan for the next year almost predetermined for me. After I graduate, anything goes; I'll never really know what's going to happen next, and it scares me. But despite this anxiety of trying to get everything together in my life, I'm unusually somewhat calm about everything. I've been learning to let go and accept that there are some things beyond my control despite putting all my effort into it. The main thing I've learned is to keep doing what I do and not half ass anything. It's terrifying not knowing what's coming next, but I'm still excited to see what I'm working towards :)

The weather has actually been getting a bit warmer, so I'm excited to be shedding off the heavier coats and trading in my pants for shorts. I'm loving the flowy outerwear right now, so this long line blazer from Tobi is pretty much essential now. It's white, so it can pair so easily with any other color, it's chic, and it flows beautifully when on the move. Check out Tobi and get 50% off your first order! 

Photography: Brandon Lee Davis


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