It's been a great year of lovely photos with my favorite photographer.

DRESS c/o Tobi
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COAT c/o Sammydress
SUNGLASSES c/o SunglassSpot
HEELS Charlotte Russe

The decisions we make are so influential and impactful towards the future, and even though it's such a obvious thought, it always gets to me every day. My career choice, the school I chose, everything led me to where I am today. I've been a bit more optimistic and hopeful these last couple days which is a big deal for me, considering that I'm a pessimistic opportunist. My love to create drove me into studying for an artistic career, my sudden desire to win Best Dressed in my senior year (which they didn't even do for some reason) got me into my blogging career, my need for a unionized classroom brought me to my school, and all the this and everything in between brought me to Brandon.

I'm incredibly grateful to have met him through something we both loved to do, create. The desire and dedication we have to create something special for a bigger audience is something we share in common. Because of him, my blogging career became more focused, my desire to help create content for his films became stronger, and my perspective of this world broadened two times. I cannot express my gratitude for him constantly wanting to help me become the woman I want to be. He truly understands my dreams and wants me to get to where I want to be, so he helps me as much as he can, such as taking my pictures for me.

So happy anniversary, Brandon! We've come a long way from where we first started :)


Photography: Brandon Lee Davis


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