Happy early Father's Day from Cancun!

WALLET c/o Parabellum
(use DIZINED a free monogram on your purchase)

I've gotten to become so minimal over the years. My walls once adorn with posters and magazine clippings have become bare over the years. My wardrobe once popping with colors and patters have subdued to a more basic and simplistic overall look. My bags that used to be overflowing with things that I thought I needed have been replaced with just simple wallets that can hold both my cards and phone in them. I feel like I've been taking a step further in that direction.

Introducing my new Parabellum wallet. Sourced and produced in Los Angeles, Parabellum is best known for its deeply textured, free range American Bison Leather, the use of Technical Ceramic Hardware, and the beautifully complicated nature of its Los Angeles Leather Working. Parabellum creates a variety of products, such as bags, belts, cases, wallets, and accessories. The best thing about leather, that I've noticed with my dad, is that leather ages so beautifully and has a nice soft texture over the years, especially with bison leather. 

I was lucky to receive a wallet from Parabellum, and it's become so nice to have with me during my current trip to Cancun. I don't want to carry a lot, so a nice one sided wallet is essential for carrying along my ID and room key.

Photography: Brandon Lee Davis


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