How can something so small have so much meaning?

NECKLACE c/o La Maison du Carat
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DRESS c/o Tobi
HEELS Charlotte Russe

I was fortunate enough a couple of years ago to receive so much jewelry from one of my favorite companies. Since then, I haven't felt the need to buy jewelry. As time went on, I found myself changing my taste in jewelry from large statement pieces to small intricate ones. The delicate necklaces that often hang around my neck are symbolic, I feel, to the person that I am. The one that I usually have around my neck is the one Brandon got me on our first trip to Disneyland together: a key that he picked out in one of the stores.

This one from LMDC that they so generously allowed me to pick out is a simple moon with half of it a solid gold and the other half a silver with crystals on it. I like the moon because my name is associated with the Roman goddess Diana, goddess of the moon, the hunt, and nature. The moon fills space with light even in the darkness. The moon controls the tide, the moon is mysterious. The half gold and half silver is a balance of both metals. The bare gold and embellished silver is the balance between simplicity and gaudiness, in which I am both.

These necklaces are so small, but, I feel, the most essential to my being.

Photography: Brandon Lee Davis


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