Your girl just got her Bachelor's degree in Animation and Visual Effects.

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Two and a half years of nonstop education later, I finally completed my last day of college ever. It's surreal. I've been in school for as long as I can remember, so to be finally out of it officially is bizarre. I feel like I can't even call myself a college graduate yet because I still feel like a child. I feel like I'll always be a baby, a child, at every company that I'll go to. I thought that I would feel older, more accomplished, more adult-ish, but if anything, I feel more lost than ever. It's inside out, right? I feel that the further I go in life, the more I'll find myself, but the more that I'll lose myself in this space. It's almost a paradox. Though my confusion in where I'll land in life and if I'll be able to do what I love is almost seemingly perpetual, I'm just glad that I can turn to the next chapter in my life.


PHOTOGRAPHY Brandon Lee Davis


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