Throwback to Cancun.

SET Boohoo
HEELS Charlotte Russe

And finally, the last photoset from Cancun. I meant to post this earlier, but scheduling different posts require a lot of planning. As of now, I'm on my week break, transitioning from college to my internship. Surprisingly, I've been going out a lot and trying to fill my day with activities. Just Pokemon Go, honestly. I've gotten so addicted to it, so it's been filling up my days with driving to different spots with my cousins and walking around aimlessly for miles trying to find Pokemon. I met so many different people in the last couple of days, and it was great sparking up small conversations about where to find Pokemon and "shit-talking" the other teams. #TeamValorIsTheBest. I haven't felt so much excitement and sense of adventure in so long. I grew up with Pokemon, so this is so exciting to me :) 

Does anyone else play? Let me know your thoughts on the game! 

PHOTOGRAPHY Brandon Lee Davis


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