That awkward moment when it's autumn, but it feels like the middle of summer.

COAT c/o Make Me Chic
HEELS c/o 4th & Reckless
DRESS Forever 21

I have all my autumn pieces hanging on my open clothes rack in my room ready to wear. But every time I wake up, the amount of sunlight spilling into my room tells me that it's going to be summer weather. Still. But the stubborn part of me still wants to make it work.

Cue the top heavy outfits. This jacket from Make Me Chic is going to be a staple in my autumn and winter wardrobe. It's oversized, fluffy, and so incredibly comfortable. I wore this coat once at work, and my coworkers couldn't stop touching it, haha.

These block heels from 4th & Reckless easily turn any outfit edgy. The lace ups, I feel, help tighten the rest of the shoe to my foot which helps me walk. Anyone who wants to wear heels but struggle with walking in one should invest in a pair like these c:

PHOTOGRAPHY Brandon Lee Davis


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