If drinking unicorn blood gives you a half life, what does drinking unicorn tears give you?

JACKET c/o Sammydress
DRESS c/o Sammydress
BAG c/o Sammydress

B finally was able to move his lights and backdrops from the living room into the garage. So we decided to celebrate by having some fun with this post. I wanted something bright, happy, and exciting, so I opted for this pink satin outfit from Sammydress with this amazing glittery 'Unicorn Tears' bag. This bag makes me so happy, yet it's something that I never thought that I could wear or even consider styling. 

First off, shout out to B for being the incredible boyfriend and photographer that he is and multitasking throughout this shoot. I don't know how many failed pictures we took while he was simultaneously blowing bubbles and popping confetti bombs while snapping away. Just so that my finicky ass could try to be cute.

Moving on to this outfit! Besides the boots from 4th & Reckless, this entire outfit is from Sammydress. I've gotten a couple of bombers from Sammydress before because the material is more silky than what I see in department stores. And the peacock & rose back is just the cherry on top of the whole design of this bomber. My order for this outfit came in about a week which was perfect because I was waiting excitedly for that bag to show up, hehe.  

PHOTOGRAPHY Brandon Lee Davis


© That's Diane