Fun fact: Aja Dang walked by us, and I froze like the awkward person that I was.

JACKET forever 21
PANTS forever 21
SHOES qupid

I've never felt so confident shooting in a confined space with people around me before. It was a strange feeling to be almost next to someone, but still be staring into the camera and posing. It must have been because the tunnel was filled with people doing the exact same thing as me. It was funny to see how when a photographer or model moved from place to place, the other shoots would circulate in understanding to not be in the others' shoot.

We saw people dancing in the tunnel, graduation pictures, security constantly walking in and yelling at people to not put their feet on the walls, modeling shoots, and Aja Dang and Brian Puspos all in an hour. The lights moved quickly from hue to hue, strobes to darkness so quickly that we had to move quickly to get the colors that we wanted. 

And also, this set has become one of my favorites. As one of my coworkers would describe it, it's as if I went out to go race cars, but had to go salsa dancing right after. I couldn't even deny it, LOL.

PHOTOGRAPHY Brandon Lee Davis


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