Hands down, the most beautiful place I've ever had the chance to visit.

SUNGLASSES sunglassspot

These dunes, man. I can't even begin to tell you how beautiful and breathtaking this was. The soft sand, the rolling dunes, the warm sun, the silence... it was worth the drive. B and I climbed the dunes with his camera equipment barely dragging through the sand and me barely keeping up. The four hour drive and stomachs full of Porto's famous potato balls killed us as we rushed to beat the sun so we could shoot two outfits and one video (surprise!). Even though it was later in the day, the exclusivity of these dunes meant the sands were mostly untouched with just some tire marks left from the ATV's.

Honestly, we had our doubts coming here because there wasn't a specific address that we could map and researching this location gave us three different results. We were afraid of being disappointed of ending up no where. That anxiety had completely faded away, and we were rewarded by the golden sands and the indefinable sunset that ended the day.

More pictures of this day will follow, along with a short desert lookbook.

Stay tuned!

PHOTOGRAPHY Brandon Lee Davis


© That's Diane