My first shoot in Los Angeles in this rich red number.


JUMPSUIT SelfieLeslie


Get ready for a wave of new photos, locations, outfits, etc. B and I really made use of our time in LA a couple weeks back. We aren't typically the kinds of people to go to touristy places, but we had to try to make our way to the Walt Disney Concert Hall because of its beautiful architecture. We made plans to visit the Hall after checking into our hotel, but unfortunately we had arrived just when they closed the garden down for a private event. But we made the best out of it and shot around the entrance.

I was incredibly surprised with myself in how calm I was shooting this look in public. Typically, I would be cowering with my back hunched and my head down when people simply walked around us, but I stood tall and confidently as B snapped away. I noticed how different the vibe was compared to the Bay Area; people were a lot less shy and more bold with standing in the middle of the street taking pictures or wearing their gaudiest looks. I really enjoyed that and found a new confidence rush over me.

B and I are excited to show you everything else we've been working on. Keep a look out for upcoming blog posts and videos (?!?!?!).

PHOTOGRAPHY Brandon Lee Davis


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