New month, new me?

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May has been exciting, stressful, overwhelming, different, special. I'm always writing about how I'm constantly changing and gaining new perspective on my life, but I really can't stop. I honestly feel like I'm changing drastically with every month that goes by. 

Last month, I was overworked with everything. With my career, with creating content, with creating content for others, with planning future trips, I couldn't sleep and was constantly thinking out in a list form of everything that I had to do.

Last week, I was relieved of it all. B and I went on our first trip to LA together, and it was everything I could ask for and more. Having some quality time together, focusing on only what we wanted to do and where we wanted to go. I really got to focus on us and what we wanted to do together.

In May, I learned that my true passion in life was to create and to learn. The more I could learn about something, the more I could create. Needless to say, expect to see a lot of content pouring out in this month of June.

PHOTOGRAPHY Brandon Lee Davis


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