Someone invite me to an extravagant party so I can wear this, please.

O N  M E -
Everything in collaboration with Charlotte Russe.

Just kidding. You know I'm gonna roll up like this no matter the type of party. But for real, this outfit has me feeling some type of way. I was the most confident girl strutting down these pillars in my fully embellished heels and galaxy-like jumpsuit. Every turn was dazzling, and I was all for it.

This is probably going to be my last "professional" photoshoot of this year. The first blog post of 2017 started off at the Legion of Honor, so it's nice to come full circle. It's incredible to see how much I've changed from then to now. My confidence when shooting this look vs the first look was like night and day. Even with this giant faux fur coat, I felt like I was walking around with just a white tee and denim - normal and ordinary.

That might change if I decide to wear this on a night out though, but for this last outfit, this last photoshoot of the year, it was nice to feel the most confident I've been this year.

PHOTOGRAPHY Brandon Lee Davis


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