I saw this going around on YouTube, but since I'm not a YouTuber...

First of all, I just wanted to say that I'm no where near a perfect person, nor am I yet the person that I want to be. I'm still struggling with so many of my insecurities every day. Every time I'm struggling, though, I look back and realize how far I've gone. My insecurities and imperfections are a part of me, and will always be a part of me no matter how much I've changed because they're the reasons why I'm changing and slowly loving myself more and more every day. So here we go: my perfect imperfections.

S H O P  E X A C T L Y -

MY SMILE/CHEEKS - It's weird because I'm constantly smiling all the time. I thoroughly enjoy smiling, but when I'm being photographed, I resent it so much. And it's all because of my cheeks. Typing this all out seems so silly, but I feel like since my cheeks are so chubby, it makes my smile smaller - like my cheeks eclipse my smile. It's very strange, but I'm so insecure about it. But, I feel like because of my constant smiling outside of blogging, I'm able to approach people a more friendly and positive vibe. My smile has helped me build connections and friendships, I can't hate it, but I'm working on it.
MY ITTY TITTIES - Walking into Victoria's Secret makes me feel some time of way - like a mixture of being in awe and disappointment. Awe because of all the pretty lace and satin. Disappointment because I can't fill any of them. It's so embarrassing to say that I still struggle with filling an A cup. Push up bras are my best friend, but after taking them off, I'm left with barely anything. I secretly call myself the president of the Itty Bitty Titty Committee. But, I can fill bralettes, and it's super fucking cute. For my figure, I guess I'm proportional. I can sleep on my stomach if I need to. Small perks for my small peaks. 
MY CALVES - I always thought my thighs looked bulky until I realized that it was my calves that threw off my leg proportions. They look so muscular and bulky. This has to be my longest insecurity since I can remember. But I'm able to walk, run, swim, etc. the same as everyone else. That should be the only importance, right?

But, of course, I can't end this blog post with such negativity. With my perfect imperfections comes my favorite traits about myself.

MY CLAVICLE - I love my collarbones. That's why I adorned them with flowers. They're not the most prominent, but they're enough to make myself look strong. Personally, they're my favorite feature on a woman. 
MY EYES - Eye shape and color. The color of my eye isn't special, but I love this shade of brown and how it looks in the light. And my eye shape! Not necessarily almond, but not round. It's a nice in between. And a huge shout out to my parents for blessing me with a double lid. 
MY SKIN - It's been a long journey, but my skin has never been better. I'll write up a skin care post sometime, but I feel confident enough to walk out of the house without having any foundation or concealer on my face. 

So here it all is! My perfect imperfections. Even though they're the reason my confidence sinks at times, I've never felt so confident with myself.

What are your perfect imperfections? What do you love about yourself? Let me know!

PHOTOGRAPHY Brandon Lee Davis


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