"Our heartbeats used to move in time, 
They've slowed down, left us behind, 
This is the story of a fallen love."
 Dress [Macy's] - Bracelets [H&M] - Tights [WalMart] - Booties [Foreign Exchange]

Finally after months of the warm sun, it has been raining with a bit of overcast. That means that I get to layer my clothing! Usually during rainy weather, I like to wear more tight-fitting clothes because it's easier to layer, and it's form-fitting, so it won't blow away in the wind. Also, I don't like to wear pants, so I'm going to be wearing dresses or body-con skirts most of the time. 
My mom found me this dress from Macy's last year and it's one of my favorite body-con dresses! It's black, long sleeved, form-fitting, and the gold design is beautiful. I love how you can just wear all black and the gold will pop out just beautifully. It's a statement dress all on its own! 

Aaaaand good news! I was recently nominated for Star Central Magazine's Fashionista of the Month. It would be great if you could vote for me [here]


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