"Living my life in spite like you, 
This is the best that I can do, 
Nothing left for me to prove, 
I give it all to you."
 Sunglasses+Cardigan+Dress [F21] - Knee Highs [Daiso Japan] - Boots [Wet Seal] - Earrings [Macy's]

TGIF! Today, I had class for only an hour and a half (it got cut short!), so I wanted to wear something comfortable and effortless. I've been loving this olive cardigan from Forever 21, so I decided to wear it for extra comfort. I paired it with this dress that I haven't worn in so long because I really liked the print at the bottom. I wanted the look to look soft and warm, so I wore my brown heeled boots to add a little bit of height to my tiny height.

My classes this schedule are super chill; I only have to come to class twice a week! I have online classes though. I love the fact that I don't have to commute all the way to Emeryville, but online classes mean that I'll get distracted with my homework. Like how I am now. I've been incorporating Game of Thrones with all of my assignments so far LOL. I'm on the fourth book! It's slow, but I love how GRRM uses characters outside of the main characters to describe what's going on. We can see how every side is struggling through a different character. Ah, I love it so much (':


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