"He said he was too scared of commitment, 
but he had tattoos all over his skin, 
I guess he didn't see me as a work of art. 
Or maybe he didn't think the pain was worth it."

   Hey, everyone! It's been so long. I apologize for not posting anything in months. It's been incredibly stressful, but everything is turning out okay now. I've been uninspired for the last couple of months, but thankfully, art is always there for me. Art is a way of expressing myself in a unique way; honestly, I don't even know where my drawings are going to end up most of the time. I'll draw what I believe expresses my mood at the time. One thing will lead to another, and I'll end up with something I don't expect. It really is a surprise to me. I've also been addicted to how small I can write in cursive. Writing is both beautiful and dangerous; I tend to write when I'm not having the happiest of days, so it usually tends to be a bit darker. I don't like to romanticize what goes on in my head or say that I want to create something beautiful with my negativity in my writing, but writing has helped me release a lot of stress and concerns that I have. What I like about writing small is that I'm incredibly lazy, so once I write down my worries, chances are I won't ever read them again. 
   Anyways, I will be posting a lot more soon! It's taken me a while to find myself and my style (I'm still searching for what defines me), but I've grown to accept that it's okay to not have a definite feature, it's what will make me a bit different everyday, and I don't mind.

Until then!


© That's Diane