"Oh I think that, 
If I had been enough for you, 
Would I be better, 
Would I be good."
Top [Kohl's] - Belt [c/o Charlotte Russe] - Jeans [F21] - Shoes [F21] - Sunglasses [c/o SunglassSpot] 

   I forgot how much work it was to run a blog, all the editing and running back and forth to put the camera on self-timer. I'm getting better at it though. Today, I'm going to my mom's work to discuss design, logos, and website layouts with her team. I decided that it would be best to wear something somewhat business casual/formal. I've started wearing pants again, after years of scrunching my nose at the thought of tight fitting jeans or bottoms that weren't shorts or tights. It's funny how taste changes so drastically sometimes, isn't it? I've also started loving button ups and wearing white. I think button ups are just great to wear with any kind of outfit to make it just a little bit more formal. I'm also loving the sunglasses sent to me by SunglassSpot! They say "CROSS MY HEART, HOPE TO DIE, STICK A NEEDLE, IN MY EYE." It's so edgy, but the round frame makes it a bit more cute and vintage.

   Let me know what you think!


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