I may be small and yellow, but I definitely CANNOT sing for my life.

BODYSUIT FashionNova
SKIRT Forever 21
BOOTS SpyLoveBuy

Brandon and I shot this about a month ago, but I can still remember everything about shooting this outfit. First off, this was a backup outfit in case if we wanted to shoot some more after the other outfits. Secondly, my feet were killing me because I was walking in heels all day all around SF. Thirdly, we were supposed to go to Boba Guys, about a 15 minute walk from where we shot this, but I just couldn't walk anymore (and I still feel so bad that we didn't get to go because he really wanted it). And finally, I remember the matcha green tea cream puffs from Papa Beards that I bought us as a treat from a successful day of shooting.

Talking about breaks makes me think about how soon I am going to be graduating because the next break I have coming up from school is going to be my last official break from any kind of schooling. What. Haha, I feel like I'm always talking about how I'm graduating soon, but lately I've been really prepping for the outside world and building my reel, website, resume, etc. Basically another reason why I don't post as often as I want to. But I do still have some things in the works (like working with Urban Decay??), so stay tuned for that!

Photography: Brandon Lee Davis


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