Still blooming, still finding happiness.

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April has been the month for catching up. If you know me, you know that I'm not someone who surrounds myself with a lot of friends or people. I've always had problems with keeping friends close to me or having long lasting friendships with people. But as I've been nearing the end of my college education, I've found myself thinking a lot of the people who I did have connections with in high school. 

This month, I actually got to reconnect with some friends. I would often think about how reconnecting with my friends from high school would go, and I would get uncomfortable because I thought I wouldn't know how to talk to them again. But, as I found out, when I actually talked to them, it was as if these months and years hadn't existed. It was refreshing, honestly, and I felt myself almost regenerated which is funny to say as I'm such an introvert.

April is still for another couple of days, but I felt like this month was such a good checkpoint for this year in becoming a more happier me.

Photography: Brandon Lee Davis


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