Get it? Because golden hour, but I'm wearing rose gold. *ba dum tshhh*

ROMPER c/o Zaful
BRALETTE c/o Zaful
HEELS Charlotte Russe

I feel like a majority of the time, I write about how the photos I'm going to post are my new favorite photos. Well, here it is again: these are my new favorite photos. Here's another cliche for you guys: spontaneous shoots are my favorite shoots. B and I had an evening open, so we decided to make the most of it and shoot somewhere. You could easily compare our photoshoot conversations to a couple's conversation on where to eat:
"Where do you wanna shoot?"
"I don't know. Where do you wanna shoot?"
"I don't know. You wanna shoot at ___?"
"No, we shot there already."
"Okay... then what about ___?"
"No, it doesn't go with the outfit."
But it's funny because we often solve the issue by effortlessly finding a place where we want to eat afterwards, leading to our decision of where to shoot.

I'm curious though, how do all you of bloggers decide on where to shoot for your pictures?

PHOTOGRAPHY Brandon Lee Davis

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  1. Diane, it's been the longest time since I came here. You have grown! And your hair, wow! That's a pretty color on you. I like places with wild greenery for shoots but a plain white wall would do. I did my first ootd post, by the way hahah. After ages! I hope you're doing well, sweetie. Take care <3 xo

    Shanaz | Fashionista NOW



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